As its name suggests, the Crested Canary has a tuft of feathers around the top of its head. It has a broad deep body, a short stout neck, and a lot more feathers than many of the other breeds. This feathering is essential for the forming of a good strong crest, which is the main feature of this bird.
There are actually two versions of this canary, the 'Crest' which has the tuft of feathers, and the 'Crest Bred' which has a plain head. As with all crested birds, it is important to pair a Crest with a Crest Bred as other pairings could create a lethal factor.
I am only selling the birds that i have over what i want in my collection all birds are banded and garantied normaly this type birds would go for over 120$ if found ,in bet stores or other breders i have imported most of my crested pairs when i started breding .only the best selective pairs of birds have been bred ,so all of the off springs are in very good shape and the males have strated to sing .