Imperial Reign is a 6 year old 15.2hh Paint stallion with his VERY RARE silver grullo colour, combined with the tobiano paint markings. His bloodlines are full of Champions in Halter, Western Pleasure, Working Cow, Racing, Barrels, Heading & Heeling, Reining, Cutting, Trail, and even Hunter Under Saddle. His breeding proves to be the All-around, versatile champion material that people strive for. Deuce is an awesome stallion, he handles like a dream on the ground, has excellent manners and respect for both his handler and the mares. He has a big strong hip, perfect conformation, and a pretty head to show top it all off with. He throws his beautiful baby doll head on every foal, lot's of colour, plenty of dun factor & 100% black base foals thus far. Deuce's offspring are consistently "pretty", very friendly and super easy to handle/train, excellent conformation with huge hips, strong legs/feet and awesome personalities! Deuce has legendary greats such as Gallant Move, Snipper Reed, Imperial One, Gallant Ghost, Poco Pine, Painted Robin, Painted Skipper, Painted Jewel, Kilobar, King Leo Bar, and Blackeyed Sioux in his pedigree.

Bandit is a 10 yr.old 14.3hh double dilute homozygous perlino tobiano with the smoky black cream gene, double registered paint and pinto stallion. Bandit has a calm nature and a good stocky build. He has good confirmation, straight legs and a thick build. Bandit is an easy stallion to breed with and has thrown some well-marked foals that have done well in paint and pinto shows. Bandit will only through buckskins, cremellos, blacks and grullos. No red foals. His foal crop was amazing. One filly is being kept back as a broodmare prospect. In he sired a smoky black buttermilk buckskin, two buckskin tobianos, two palomino tobianos and a eye catching smoky black tobiano filly. These foals were very friendly and great to work with. I could not be happier with the foals he produced this year. He carries the bloodlines of Hank-A-Chief, Top Deck, Yellow Mount and many more.

Dually is a 5 yr.old 14.2hh red dun registered AQHA and 90.4% foundation QH, also listed with the APHA. Dually is a stocky stallion that is quick on his feet but is a pleasure to handle and work with. Dually has good confirmation and has the traditional bull dog style body type. He has one smooth gait. He is a grand son of the great DUAL PEP and has Peppy San Badger, Docs Hickory and Playboys Lena on his papers and carries the bloodlines of Docs Rickashay, Docs Remedy, Freckles Playboy, Solanos Peppy San, Doc Bar, Doc O?Lena and many many more. First foal crop will be on the ground in . This stallion is cutting supreme nominated. We are hoping to have this stallion started under saddle this year and see how he handles a cow.

Helios Doc Charge - Helios is a 5 year old registered heterozygous zebra dun tobiano stallion that stands 14.3hh. He has a good solid build and a nice hip. Helios is good to work with and is a quiet gentle stallion. Helios has had 10 rides on him by 2CK Horses this fall and his training will be continue this year. His sire whom is now gelded is a well built saddle horse. He carries foundation paint and QH lines and goes back to Solanos Peppy San, King Leo Bar, Peppy San, Two Eyed Jack and Doc Bar. His bloodlines are full of Champions in Halter, Western Pleasure, Working Cow, Heading & Heeling, Reining, Cutting, with his sire being a great riding mount and a great cow horse (now gelded). Sired his foal crop in and sired two dun tobianos and a smokey black tobiano (no solid or red foals thus far).

Trace is a 7 yr.old 15.0hh homozygous black tobiano registered paint stallion. He has straight legs, good hip and chest with a baby doll head. Trace is the quietest stallion I have ever owned. He throws well marked and quiet foals that are easy to work with. He has never thrown a red foal date even when bred to sorrel/chestnut mares. Trace has champion bloodlines and is the progeny of many years of black tobiano paint breeding. He has sire foals the last two years and they have been quiet, gentle natures that are great to train. stud colt was broke to ride in and is now being ridden by small children. I would have loved to have broke this stallion to ride but got his front leg caught in the fence and did a lot of damage to his front leg before I owned him. He is vet sound but the leg would not stand up to hard work. Trace carries the bloodlines of Roan Bar 7, Blue Max, King Leo Bar and many more.

Whitey is a 12 yr.old 15.1hh cremello solid APHA stallion, maybe a tobiano as I can see tobiano markings. Whitey has great a nice solid build. He has foundation AQHA bloodlines, good confirmation and a great attuide. He sires big foals with beautiful baby doll heads. He is sired by a beautiful palomino paint stallion that was a great stallion and working mount. Whitey is safe to use on overo mares. Whitey carries the bloodlines of champions like Doc Doll, Doc Lynx, Docs Freckle, Bueno Chex on his papers and Doc O?lena, Doc Bar, King Fritz, Blondys Dude and Croton Oil.

Additional information on stallion services:
Stud Fee: $350 for Imperial Reign and Bandera Tubok - No grade mares or Impressive mares for these two stallions.

Stud Fee: $300 for reg mares or $250 for grade mares: for Trace of Time, Dual Hickory Peppy, The White Stallion and Helios Doc Charge.

Mare care $5.00 per day own pen, feed and water.

Live Foal Guarantee on all stallion services, no booking fees, and resulting foals can be registered with multiple registries.