Henrii is a male albino hedgehog(red eyes) and he loves to climb all over you. I unfortunately dont have the time or money to take care of him. Hes a well behaved hedgie and he warms up after about 6 months im sure. He comes with the cage, wheel, bed bag, igloo (he loves his bedbag) hedgehog food (URGENT: Henrii only enjoys eating Ferret food.) Water dish, and whatever meal worms he has left. also his shampoo and toothbrush(for bathtime) he needs to go to a great home. I love him so very much. talk softly to him and bathe him regularily. ps he dont float on his back and hes VERY timid and scared around other animals. hes not potty trained. Text me for any interest.780-932- im 16 and from stony plain. youll have to pick up.